Mission Complete!

Well, I didn’t have classes today, so I decided to be productive. I edited all day long, except for the two hours I did a couple of errands. I started at 8 this morning. My count when I started was 36,711 words. I reached my goal of COMPLETING MY EDITING by the end of March. I feel great! I edited 58,896 words today.

95607 / 95607

I am a machine!

Editing Check In

Well, I’ve come back down from my engagement high a little. I’m still mostly in the air, but I’ve decided it’s time to get back to work. I have a paper to write this week, but other than that my school life has finally calmed down some. It’s still crazy to me that I only have 12 credits and this is by far the busiest semester I’ve had. Odd. Anyway, here’s the word count/progress bar for my editing thus far:

27063 / 95607

I’m still going to try to get this sucker edited by the end of March. It’s still doable. I’ve got 5 days still. Let’s see what happens!


My anniversary with Glenn is on the 21st. It’ll be 2 years. To celebrate our anniversary, we went to Nags Head, NC. It’s about a hour and a half away. We spent the day just hanging out, but when we go to the beach…


He asked me to marry him. And I said yes! I’ve been crying off and on since. He proposed with the ring in a PokeBall. He said, “Nerdy [my nickname], I choose you. Will you marry me?”

We’re hoping to get married next March. I feel like I’m dreaming.

And so, no more editing was done. I’ve got to come back down to Earth first.

Editing Word Count Check In

I told myself that I would post my count to keep me motivated. It’s been working rather well. I finished the paper that was hanging over my head, so I spend this evening editing. It felt great, if not a little painful at times. (Did I really write that?) But I’ve found a couple of little gems in there, which made me happy. I’m glad there’s something in the draft that I like.

Anyway, here’s the important part! Tonight’s progress:

11083 / 95607

Just gotta keep on chugging! ūüėÄ

Bad, But Not Terrible!

I finally started editing. ¬†I wanted to start a couple days ago, but school obligations kept me from starting. ¬†My Chinese presentation and world literature paper are nearly complete though! ¬†My goal is still to finish editing by the end of March. ¬†And if I absolutely cannot do it, by the end of the first week in April will be my new goal. ¬†I edited the first chapter and didn’t want to rip my eyes out of my head, so I’m taking that as a good sign. ¬†I have to keep telling myself that this is a draft and it’s going to have mistakes, that it’s supposed to be flawed. ¬†I saw a few glaring errors and felt a little embarrassed that this was what I gave to readers to proof and give feedback. ¬†

Here’s how I did tonight:

2200 / 95607

Not a whole lot, but it’s a start. ¬†And that’s what I need–to start.

There’s no where to go but up!

I’m a Bad Writer, Clearly

I’ve had the first draft of a novel done since December 27, 2011. ¬†It’s just sitting there waiting for me to start editing it. ¬†I wanted to let it set for a month to give me enough time to become detached from it and forget what I was trying to say. ¬†It makes it easier for me to find my mistakes that way. ¬†Except, I didn’t edit at all in February. ¬†Not one word. ¬†Truth be told? ¬†I haven’t even opened the file since finishing and printing a hard copy. ¬†That was sometime in early January. ¬†

It’s almost the middle of March. ¬†-.- ¬†I wanted to have the edit complete by the beginning of March so I could start on a second draft or a polishing job. ¬†Yeah. ¬†That isn’t going to happen. ¬†But, I CAN finish the edit by the end of March. ¬†

I’d like to lie and say that I haven’t been editing because I’ve been so busy–which is partially true, I have been busy with school, but not that busy. ¬†I did NaNo while taking 5 classes. ¬†I only have 3 this semester (because of the crappy class times!), so really I haven’t been that busy. ¬†I’ve just been lazy, plain and simple. ¬†Some of it was nerves, but the majority of my procrastination has been sheer laziness. ¬†

So to fix my laziness and light a fire under my rear, I’m posting this here. ¬†I will hold myself accountable to public shame for not reaching my goal. ¬†Starting tonight, I will post a word count bar like the NaNo ones that tracks my progress to the end of the draft. ¬†

Feel free to harass me about editing.  XD  

Facing the Beast

With the draft of my novel complete, I’ve been lazily ignoring it. ¬†I know, I know. ¬†It’s terrible. ¬†It has been handed off to my readers, some of whom have returned it to me. ¬†The remarks have been thus far been positive, but that’s making me a little nervous. ¬†The praise is great and does wonders for my writing ego, but I know there’s mistakes and they haven’t been addressed. ¬†

Of course, me actually rereading and editing this will help. ¬†I haven’t opened the printed out copy yet. ¬†Or the Pages document. ¬†Honestly? ¬†I’m getting nervous to look at it. ¬†In my head, it’s still a glorious little draft. ¬†The only draft that I haven’t wanted to bury my head in the sand when someone reads it. ¬†A part of me doesn’t want to find the mistakes. ¬†Editing does crazy things to me. ¬†

Part of my novel-neglect (and my blog!) has been because of school. ¬†I’m only taking 12 credits this semester, but it’s been my busiest yet! ¬†I’ve had two papers accepted into a research conference, and getting those prepared has taken more of my time than I anticipated. ¬†But I can’t blame my editing-neglect on time constraints. ¬†It’s mostly because I’m just a lazy editor for my own work. ¬†I’m a great editor for everyone else though! ¬†Funny how that works, isn’t it? ¬†ūüėČ

How about y’all? ¬†Is there anything you dread in the writing process. ¬†Editing, drafting, and rewriting have always been a struggle for me. ¬†I’m too harsh on my own work. ¬†Do I really need to agonize over the word “and” for an hour? ¬†Exactly. ¬†;p

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