Inspiration in Fire Emblem

Video games are great for getting me in the mood to write.  Especially the Fire Emblem series.  I just finished the newest one for the Ninendo DS and was left a bit unsatisfied, so I turned back to the Tellius setting of some of the other Fire Emblem games.  I love these games for the “support” aspect; the games are usually centered around a war, but the support allows the player to get to know the individual members of the army.  I love the depth of the games; you get just enough to let you know the characters but not so much that you can’t fill in the details of their lives.

That’s where the inspiration strikes.  It puts me in a mood to develop my characters.  The larger picture of the game is centered about a war, but you get to see how it effects the individual level too.  When I need some practice to improve some aspect of my writing, I turn to writing Fire Emblem fanfic.  It gives me a base world that I know to write in, but the flexibility to still create.

It’s odd that this is what inspires me the most though; I don’t like to write fantasy!  It’s most certainly not my comfort zone.  Other things definitely get my gumption up to write, but nothing quite as much as these games.  Plus, I get to indulge my nerdiness with the tactical gameplay.  If you’ve seen/played Final Fantasy Tactics, it’s similar.

Burn Notice, Janet Evanonvich’s novels, Jeff Somer’s novels, and Patrick Rothfuss’s gorgeous novels are my other go-tos when I want to get the writing fire burning.  If ya’ll haven’t checked out their books, you should!  Janet Evanovich writes light, funny mystery (kinda?) novels.  Jeff Somers has fast paced, hard hitting sci-fi.  And Patrick Rothfuss writes in a slice of life kind of way that I just adore.  His language is positively gorgeous, and his characters are beautifully written.  Highly recommend them!

How about ya’ll?  Where to do you find inspiration?


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Emerald Barnes
    Jul 24, 2011 @ 13:50:38

    My inspiration usually comes from my crazy dreams. I have tidbits of dreams that get stuck in my memory, and I come up with a storyline around them. But, as far as non-dream inspiration, it just depends. Sometimes just little pieces of everyday life. Like this one time, I was riding to a restaurant with my family and saw an elderly gentlemen sitting in a metal folding chair in the middle of his garden at dusk. It was such a beautiful scene, and a short story is brewing from that idea. 🙂


  2. writersquarry
    Jul 25, 2011 @ 03:00:59

    Still looking for inspiration, and you helped! Thanks for the lit rec’s.


  3. Androgoth
    Jul 26, 2011 @ 09:41:20

    Luckily I never have any problem writing anything I just think of a title or a theme and that’s it, within ten to fifteen minutes I can quite easily write something down, in half an hour the script is fully completed, and if adding it to my Space, I have already fixed the graphics and published it well within this time limit. Of course for a longer script it can take a little longer, usually with all the tweaking involved… lol

    I think that everyone has different techniques that they adopt for inspiration but whatever works for you, then that is the correct route to follow. Have a most excellent rest of day and evening and be well…

    BTW – Zelda is a fine name for your Poodle, I mean Zellie is…



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