Red Hair and Hurricane Irene

As a shy person, I try my hardest to avoid anything that even remotely brings attention to myself: sexy clothes, usual shoes/clothes/etc, make up, eye contact, yadda yadda yadda.  You get the idea.  But when the shyness reaches its peak and I feel like I’m suffocating under the weight of it all, I find that the shy fades for a few moments for me to do something out of character.

So, I dyed my hair red.

And not just a ho-hum red.  Bright red.  Intense copper red.  Ginger Spice red.  (Well… almost Ginger Spice red)  Yeah, way to not bring attention to myself, right?

The hair has been liberating.  Redheads aren’t allowed to be quiet or shy.  It’s against their genetic make up.  I have the coloring of a “ginger”: fair, fair skin (I reflect the sky -.- ), lots of freckles, zero sun tolerance.  I’m pretty sure Mother Nature dropped the ball with only giving me red highlights.  I just gave Mother Nature a little boost.

Yep, it's that color

As a said in my previous post, my writing tends to fall out of me when I feel some kind of stress.  It’s odd, but something as simple as a new hair color has given me a confidence boost in all areas of my life– including my writing.  The hair commands me to be bold.  Loud.  Out there.  Free.  The hair demands my best and demands that I not hide in my shell.

I’m thinking red might be more than just a fling.


I live on the east coast of Virginia.  That little part that sticks out just a little, right above the Outer Banks?  That’s me.  With Irene threatening to blow through, my power is likely to go out.  I just wanted to state here that I probably will be slow with replies.  Irene will likely be a Cat. 2 when it lands here so that’ll make it enough of a nuisance without it being a completely devastating storm.  Here’s to hoping, anyway.

And because my brain likes to tie everything together, I’ve thought about Irene with writing.  There’s anxiety in the air here; it’s all over the internet, the TV channels, the newspapers.  That anxious energy is something that can be harnessed into your writing.  Painting a world where the reader feels that same level of anxiety is the goal of writing.  Getting your reader to experience your words instead of just reading them.

So, when you’re writing, remember to write like as boldly as a shy girl with newly dyed red hair and be threatening, menacing like Hurricane Irene.

…just without the whole power outage thing.  That’s a bit too much of an experience. 😉


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. poetofmidnight
    Aug 30, 2011 @ 08:05:54

    The hair color looks nice. I hope you’re safe through this storm. I’ll keep you’re boldness in mine when I’m writing.


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