Take Me Higher

It’s amazing how writing can give you a high like nothing else.  I’m not talking about a woah-inducing kind of high, but that rush.  It’s a bit addicting.  Writing used to come in spurts for me; I’d write a ton of words (sometimes 10-15k) at a time and then nothing for weeks.  Sometimes months.  And then the writing low would come: no energy, frustrated with the project, suddenly everything turns to crap, and worst of all the progress goes from stalled to going backwards.

I thought I had kicked that habit, but I’m worried.  I’ve been enjoying every second of my new project, and that high is back in full swing.  I’ve written 8.5k over two days.  The overall word count is only around 14k, but I’m still concerned that the high will fade.  When I’m really into it, when the words are flowing out of me, I’m completely in another world.  “What do you mean I have work to do for my classes?  That quiz in Chinese isn’t until– uh oh, it’s tomorrow.  There’s still time, I can still get in a few more words.  Just a couple hundred more and I’ll stop, I promise!”

Don’t get me wrong, I love the high, but I also love school.  Obviously there’s needs to be a balance, but isn’t it cruel to abandon your characters when all they want is just a few hundred more words of attention?  What’s a few hundred words between friends, anyway?  😉

So fellow writing-junkies, what do you when the high hits but there’s other stuff to attend to?  Are you good little writers and get everything else done to feed your addiction?  Or should you while you’re still feeling the inspiration?


***I swear I’m not as far behind with my classes as it seems!  But that quiz really did creep up on me!  XD


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  1. Emerald Barnes
    Sep 23, 2011 @ 02:10:52

    I know exactly how you feel! For the past week, I’ve been writing like a maniac. (There must be something in the air.)

    Unfortunately, I haven’t managed more than 540 words in two or three days because my niece has been in the hospital with a high fever and a bacterial infection. I’ve had to babysit my other niece and nephew and take care of everything else. So, it’s all about prioritizing.

    There are some things that pushes writing to the back, but you have to figure out what it is. I have other responsibilities aside from all I’ve done the past few days that I need to do before writing. But trust me, I want to feed that addiction, feel that rush once again, but unfortunately, it sometimes has to wait.


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