Draft 1: Complete!

Draft 1 is DONE! I finished it yesterday and I feel awesome. Does it have some problems? Absolutely. Am I okay with? YES. This is the first draft that I feel good about; I know there’s going to be some reworking here and there, but overall I’m very satisfied with how it turned out. It clocked in at 95,607 words. I liked the ending, but it might need a little more fluffing out. I think taking some time to back away from it would be good. Now I’m printing a copy for my mom and sending off copies to everyone that’s volunteered to be a reader for me. This is always the most nerve-wrecking/worst/scariest/holy-shit-someone’s-actually-reading-this time for me. I haven’t yet mastered how to not panic when someone is reading my work. I’m more or less okay when I’m not physically there, but it’s still in my head. I love getting the feedback though!

Now I have to figure out a title for the darn thing. XD

With the draft complete, I feel a bit lost. I’ve been writingwritingwritingwriting nearly everyday since Nano started. Yesterday I decided that I was going to finish it even if it killed me. XD I wrote a total of 7,534 words yesterday–that has to be some kind of record for me. Once I got past the final transitional scene, it just poured out. I love that; when the writing just keeps coming.

I’ve got Janet Evanovich’s newest book, Explosive Eighteen, to read. I’ve had it since it came out in November and I’ve been DYING to read it–it’s my treat for finishing that sucker! So today I’m going to hibernate with the book. It won’t take more than an afternoon to read. And tomorrow there is a puzzle that’s calling my name. My parents bought a 1500 piece jigsaw puzzle for me. I love doing them and 1500 is the biggest I’ve done in a while. There’s something really cathartic about doing puzzles for me. I can waste a day doing them and I don’t even realize it. I love those kinds of days.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. thepoeticgoblin
    Dec 29, 2011 @ 00:59:21

    I wish you the best of luck! 😀


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