My anniversary with Glenn is on the 21st. It’ll be 2 years. To celebrate our anniversary, we went to Nags Head, NC. It’s about a hour and a half away. We spent the day just hanging out, but when we go to the beach…


He asked me to marry him. And I said yes! I’ve been crying off and on since. He proposed with the ring in a PokeBall. He said, “Nerdy [my nickname], I choose you. Will you marry me?”

We’re hoping to get married next March. I feel like I’m dreaming.

And so, no more editing was done. I’ve got to come back down to Earth first.


I’m a Bad Writer, Clearly

I’ve had the first draft of a novel done since December 27, 2011.  It’s just sitting there waiting for me to start editing it.  I wanted to let it set for a month to give me enough time to become detached from it and forget what I was trying to say.  It makes it easier for me to find my mistakes that way.  Except, I didn’t edit at all in February.  Not one word.  Truth be told?  I haven’t even opened the file since finishing and printing a hard copy.  That was sometime in early January.  

It’s almost the middle of March.  -.-  I wanted to have the edit complete by the beginning of March so I could start on a second draft or a polishing job.  Yeah.  That isn’t going to happen.  But, I CAN finish the edit by the end of March.  

I’d like to lie and say that I haven’t been editing because I’ve been so busy–which is partially true, I have been busy with school, but not that busy.  I did NaNo while taking 5 classes.  I only have 3 this semester (because of the crappy class times!), so really I haven’t been that busy.  I’ve just been lazy, plain and simple.  Some of it was nerves, but the majority of my procrastination has been sheer laziness.  

So to fix my laziness and light a fire under my rear, I’m posting this here.  I will hold myself accountable to public shame for not reaching my goal.  Starting tonight, I will post a word count bar like the NaNo ones that tracks my progress to the end of the draft.  

Feel free to harass me about editing.  XD  

Mission Complete

Just past 50k.  Nano is done.  BRB, celebrating~  


Word Count Check-In

So, it’s day 3 of Nano already! I haven’t started writing today because I just got an iPhone and I’ve been playing with it. It’s a fun little toy!

Anyway, here is my word count thus far:

3555 / 50000

The count will be higher by the end of the day. I was hoping that I could get a buffer, but I don’t think I’m going to have the time to build it up! School projects/papers/exams are all falling in November! I had no idea that everything in ALL of my classes was due so close together. Thank goodness I bought a planner earlier this semester. So, here’s to hoping that I can work in some extra writing time! (Who needs sleep anyway? Right?)

Launch Sequence Commence

Nano is less than 5 hours away now.  Wish your sanity a happy month-long vacation.  Instead of doing the Halloween thing, I’ve been spending my day thinking about tomorrow.  It’s going to a glorious Tuesday morning, perfect for writing.  My class doesn’t start until 3, so I have plenty of time to reach my 1,667 words per day.  I’d like to say that I’ll be awake and raring to start writing at midnight on the dot, but that’s not gonna happen.  Past ten o’clock my brain is dead.  Yeah, I know, I’m an old lady at 22.

Best wishes everyone!  Rest up for the Nano launch!  I’ll have a word counter on here to force myself to be accountable.  (Assuming I can figure out how to get it to work… *technology fail*)

Happy Writing!  ❤

WordPress Changes?

Hey ya’ll.  Did anyone else’s subscription page change?  Because now when I click on it, it takes me to a list of the blogs that I read.  I found how to see the actual entries, but the email notification will not stay on the settings I want!  Every time I change it, it switches right back.  Is anyone else having this problem?  Or am I just that incompetent with computers?  (totally viable option, by the way!)

Any help would be greatly appreciated!  🙂